FMWhatsApp APK Download with its full detailed information and explanation about the download installation and setup process along with its features in depth is available here for the people searching for best alternative of WhatApp, or due to lack of features in official WhatsApp. so here we are providing all the best versions from oldest to the latest version of FMWhatsApp so that our lovely followers can download and enjoy fulfilling their expectations.

FMWhatsApp is one of the best available WhatsApp modified version which people over the world are interested to know about.With growing social world people around the world are become much more aware for the available options for daily using applications,you must have also directly or indirectly heard about FMWhatsApp latest version and features or must have thought about FMWhatsApp download and must be interested in using it but please note

NOTE 1: FMWhatsApp cannot be found on the Playstore hence you will have to download the app in its APK format to install it.

We can say FMWhatsApp as an advance version of official WhatsApp Application which we use in our day to day life, Obviously their are many more modification Versions like GBWhatsApp,YOWhatsApp available over the internet by FMWhatsApp is also not even less then them,

Now a days many messaging applications are available for communication and sharing with your friend,family and even professional life of everyone is getting connected now a days on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and many more.

One of them spreading around is Whatsapp which would be most used and trusted messaging app available and most of its customer base would be from INDIA, USA (United States of America),CHINA, CANADA, UAE (United Arab Emirates), etc. so people their would be thinking for some change and modifying their Whatsapp just like modifying their carfor making it look more interesting,

FMWhatsApp APK if for them to download the FMWhatsApp latest version and add more features to their regular whatsapp and modify them ass per their needs and interest.

NOTE 2: Other developers have sprung up since after Omar and are also making their own little changes to the APK to divert credits to themselves without contributing to the project. Apart from the fact that this is unethical, you many times will not be able to update the APK installed from these other devs when an update is available from Omar.

What is FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD that can be used to chat with our contacts, making the most of the additional functions it offers. It’s a modification of the original app that adds new functions and features that aren’t available in the original version.

Since the release of the app, it has got plenty good updates with major bug fixes and advanced performance improvements. We have listed out all versions of the FMWA APK in order to help you out with all versions of the Android version.

Some Enhanced Features of FMWhatsApp :

  • New privacy options to hide the last connection time, the blue checks for read messages or the fact that we’ve visited our contacts’ statuses.
  • Extra security options to block the access to the app and to conversations by means of patterns or PIN numbers.
  • Possibility to use two WhatsApp accounts at once on the same phone.
  • Over 4,000 different visual themes created by the community to modify the interface.
  • New customization settings ranging from general colors the fonts used for texts.
  • Increase the maximum size of the files that can be sent through the app.
  • Possibility to send images at the highest quality without compression.
  • New emoji packs to be used in our conversations.

Getting started with FMWhatsApp doesn’t take much time, in fact, it’s a simple process. You just have to shell out a couple of minutes to get going with the Modded version of WhatsApp. Make sure your Android device is running on Android 4.4 version or higher and has an active internet connection to download the Apk file.

How To Download FMWhatsApp APK For Android?

Step 1

Click Download FM WhatsApp. (The APK will be directly stores on your mobile file manager.)

Step 2

Let the download get successfully completed without any error

Step 3

And here the file is downloaded successfully and ready for installation now continue with the next process as below for successfully installation of your FMWhatsApp


Download FMWhatsApp

File TypeAPK
Android Version RequiredAndroid 4.0 or Later
Size53.02 MB
Total Downloads1 Million+

How To Install FM WhatsApp APK For Android?

Installation Step 1

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 1

First of all open the download section from the file manger and download section i.e File Manager>Download>, find the pre Downloaded FMWhatsApp APK and click on it to start the installation process.

Installation Step 2

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 2

Then As it is Third-party Application, Android asks you to give permissions to install the App. click on settings

Installation Step 3

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 3

Then Enable unknown resources and wait for the installation to complete.

Installation Step 4

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 4

Tick the checkbar to yes and click on ok

Installation Step 5

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 5


FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 5


How To Setup FM WhatsApp APK For Android?

Setup Step 1

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 7

Open the Installed Whatsapp File and Allow to access photos,media and files on your device

Setup Step 2

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 8

Enter the country code followed with your mobile number for verification of your mobile number and press NEXT

Setup Step 3

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 9

Press Continue to allow FMWhatsApp automatically detect the verification code for ease of the copy paste stuff/ Whatsapp will automatically detect the OTP when the SIM will already be in that mobile phone.

Setup Step 4A

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 10

Now Their are Two options. First :- If you want to get the back up of your older whatsapp or other whatsapp in this FMWhatsApp ,then go to restore backup and click on continue it will automatically restore if any backup is found.

Setup Step 4B

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 11

Second :- If you want to skip the backup restoration the touch on skip and then click SKIP RESTORE

Setup Step 5

FMWhatsApp APK Download (FMWA) Latest version V9.01 (Anti-Ban) 12

Then enter your profile name and the profile picture by which your friends can know you, and then press enter to complete the setup process.

Dhantanaaaa– The FMWhatsApp will be automatically sync with the mobile contacts and will be instantly ready for use

Note: As it is a Third-party application and similar to WhatsApp. Any user who uses FMWhatsApp will permanently bane in using the Google Playstore WhatsApp. I request everyone to use this Application with your Alternate number. get more info and help from.Read More..>>

Enjoy the Awesome featured enhanced version of FMWhatsApp with your device customize it as per your interest and have fun.

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