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Spotify Premium Apk Download is available here with unlimited Premium without spending any extra penny you can enjoy the ultimate music experience absolutely for free to the world of music. Any artist Any album Any song just download it if you want or listen it on fully unlimited shuffle without any interruption of audio/video advertisements. for music lovers we have covered here every information about spotify premium and Spotify Premium Mod Apk further with its detailed feature overview, downloading and installation process

Music is the language of soul and spotify is known as king in the field of music, Streaming available for offering millions of podcast and songs on their platform started on 23 April 2006, Stockholm, Sweden. and till 2015 it had reached 60 million+ subscribers from which 15 million were paid users, and till 2019 it jumped to approximate 153 million+ Paid subscribers and approximately making total 328 million+ subscriber on approx,

The company projected growth of nearly 19% in year 2020 of spotify premium download, making it the biggest rival of apple music and Pandora, both are getting their toe to tip force and efforts to get spotify out of race but its merely impossible but it definitely slowed down spotify premium appdownload growth in year 2019.

Currently having 7,00,000+ Podcasts company believes the future of podcast will be the key to grow their name more in to Audio streaming app, Spotify users and subscribers behavior optimizing spotify music premium app accordingly resulting achievement of approx 200%growth of the company

Indian music streaming market is around $150 million according to the information on internet where spotify is struggling with youtube music, gaana, Jiosaavan, Apple music and many more are in the race and the key to occupy the biggest space is quality and quantity of content with best experience over journey,

So without deviating from the topic lets straight understand what spotify is ? , what spotify premium is ? what are features of it ? and why you should definitely download the spotify premium apk mod for your android or ios device.

If you are a big music lover and want to know maximum about spotify mod apk 2020 mod download, we will explain every feature every detail and every information about the Spotify Cracked premium download installation and setup process.

We know their will be lot of questions as below

Questions about:-

1). What is spotify premium?

2). How to download songs on spotify premium?

3). Can I download spotify songs to phone?

4). Can songs be downloaded from spotify?

5). How to download spotify download music to computer?

6). How can you Install spotify premium apk?

7).What features will be available in spotify premium apk over free spotify version?

8). Why Should you Use It?

And many more…………………………..

Do not worry we have tried to cover every useful information for you at one place still if you have nay query you can add it up in the comment section below and we will be happy to resolve the query at the soonest.

NOTE:- We do not endorse the kind of any App nor are we affiliated with this application in any form. We have post and the download link for only personal use.

What is Spotify Music App?

Spotify music is top music streaming platform by a Swedish company connecting you to the musical culture, Where you can easily look out for your special playlist and get suggested with the similar songs by the AI and smart technology of spotify, make the track yours easily by liking and all this with a special data saving option which is very much necessary in this age where data and internet are new oil (fuel).

How is Spotify different from other music streaming applications?

Based on your history and habits music, Spotify automatically suggest songs you may like and composes them into a playlist, isn’t it what makes spotify totally different from other competitors.although their is still many differences in time duration and combo offers which may differ from application to application

Initially every music application now a days have the free version as well as the paid subscription version with various limitations and provisions in features, just like every other music streaming application you can download spotify songs only the paid subscription version and features like ad free music and many more stuff are also only provided in the paid version of the application,

Business head of spotify is very much confident on their pricing strategies of spotify premium as it is kept customer centric with every corner as represented in below chart

Chart by Visualizer

with the maximum user over other application Spotify app have a cutting edge benefit of having maximum user data and user behaviors experience to customize and understand the music taste of humans.

Spotify loda Tons of songs, playlist and podcast which are waiting for you, just get in and download spotify mp3 but before that let’s know more about spotify premium also to get the paid features absolutely for free in our spotify premium apk mod download read till and and download.

Spotify (free version) vs Spotify premium (MOD APK ~ Paid)?

If we get on the reasoning that why should you use the spotify free premium download instead of its free version available on the play store which you can download easily from the playstore. Then comparison between both the app is very much mandatory to understand the advantage,

Features Spotify premium
(MOD APK ~ Paid)
(free version)
Shuffle play✔ ✔ 
Ad free✔ 
Unlimited skips✔ ✘ 
Listen offline✔ ✘ 
Play any track✔ ✘ 
High quality audio
Spotify Music downloader
✔ ✘ 
Spotify premium features

Spotify Premium Pricing And Plans

Till now you would have definately made your mind to get Spotify music premium to enjoy the maximum features by spotify app android download or spotify free download for iphone but wait a second before getting in just have a look on general pricing plans by Spotify because premium subscription price is quite high.

Individual plan: – This plan is priced at ₹119/Month which will enable only one person to enjoy ad-free music streaming, downloading and on-demand playback

Spotify premium indivudial plan

Duo plan: – A perfect plan for couple under one roof where you can get 2 account of spotify premium at the price ₹149/Month, which include specialized Duo mix feature for lovely couples.

Spotify premium duo plan

Family plan: – If you have the family of six members this plan is definitely designed enabling 6 users at the price of ₹179/Month which will including all the premium features of spotify along with playlist curated by spotify.

Spotify premium family plan

Student: – special plan for students who love to enjoy music and learn and gain knowledge from podcast it is priced at $4.99/Month and comes up with ad-supported Hulu plan, showtime and unlocks all features of Spotify.

Spotify premium student plan

Pros and Cons


1. Compatible on all platforms. You can listen to music on, software for PC or Mac, or through mobile apps, …

2. The ability to automatically suggest great songs. Nice interface and easy to use.

3. High quality music, the songs are fully copyrighted.

4. Unlike Netflix policy, here we have a free plan.



1. The premium subscription price is quite high.

2. lyrics display feature are not supported it have been removed.

3. Only available in limited countries.

Too many Pros V/s so less cons looks promising but price seems too high don’t you think ? don’t worry as a solution to it as Spotify premium apk download or we can say it spotify mod apk as it is the best modified version of the original application lets straight dive to understand what

What Is Spotify premium apk mod / Spotify crack?

Spotify premium mod apk 2020 is a modified version of Spotify premium where all the feautres of spotify premium are provided absolutely for free you dont need to spend a bunch of money on purchasing premium plans.

What are some of the enhanced features of Spotify Premium Apk?

You can not select the music and download the music and most irritating is ads in-between the songs and the most irritating one is six tracks skips per hour in the free version but you can just get rid of all this limitations for free in this Spotify Crack version,

Where it unlock all the great features of Spotify like

1. Unlocked Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect on CasaTunes Music Servers

You can cast play and control your content directly on your other devices which are connected to safe Wi-Fi, Hi-Fi Or internet connection.

2. Unlimited Shuffle

Song Shuffle feature spotify premium

Shuffle function will function different for both spotify android as well spotify ios , In any android device the setting of shuffle gets remembered by the application one you set it on or off, but in IOS device you will have’nt make the setting every time you get to in a new playlist.

3. Listen 320kbps High Quality music

spotify premium apk feature High Quality music

Only low quality is selected as default in spotify free version, where as in Spotify premium apk mod app allows you to enjoy your favorite even at 320 Kbps bitrate

4. Create playlist & Listen to any song

spotify premium apk feature Listen to any song

Its so annoying that you can not even select the music you want to listen up but with the spotify premium apk you can even download our favorite song and even ad them and create your playlist without any limitations.

5. Advance Search

spotify premium apk feature search unlimited music

With Spotify premium apk you can enjoy the best advance search result as per your taste and listen them as per your choice

6. Block Ads

spotify premium apk feature Ad-free

As we all have idea how irritating and mood spoiling ads in the swings of music feels like that is the biggest drawback to use the free version but in the premium version of spotify you can enjoy uninterrupted music as much as you want.

7. Skip Tracks

spotify premium apk feature skip unlimited track

Free version do not allow you to skip more than six songs per hour but with the premium apk version you can skip the unwanted songs and music as many times you wish to hang on the only track you really want to listen.

8. No Root Required

spotify premium apk feature require no root

Absolutely No Root of your device is required to enjoy this modified spotify premium apk version, as we know many modified application can not be installed on a device due to security reasons and root of the device is required which is harmful and security threat for any device

But this is absolutely not the case in this, Spotify premium mod apk is absolutely secure to be installed just like a normal application.

So when you get so much for free without any charges and with the easy download guided by us then why to wait more just follow the below procedure and download the APK quickly and follow next to it steps to install and enjoy the featured tool.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk will give you access to all features of Spotify premium absolutely for free.

How to download Spotify Premium Apk?

Just follow the below Steps to easily download the APK and dont worry about any type of 3rd party trackers or malware which could harness your privacy.

We have scanned the file with various Anti virus to make it safe for you so without any worries just move to

Download spotify free premium apk for Android, Cracked with fully unlimited Premium unlocked

Download Step 1

Just visit our download page

Spotify premium mod apk download

Download Step 2

Click on download Apk

Download Spotify premium apk here

Download Step 3

and wait for successful completion of download

Spotify Premium Apk Mod download
NameSpotify Premium Apk
Android Requirement4.0 or later
Application Size27.3 MB
Application BySpotify Ltd.

How can you Install Spotify Premium Apk?

See how easy it was to download the Spotify Premium Apk Mod, Installing is was more easy just follow below

Installation step 1

First of all open the download section from the file manger and download section i.e File Manager>Download>, find the pre Downloaded APK and click on it to start the installation process.

Open the file manager

open the download section from the file manger

Search for Spotify Premium Apk Mod file downloaded from

Spotify premium apk installation

Now click install after selecting the file from file manager

Spotify premium installation

Installation complete

Installation step 2 (If 3rd Party Application permission is set as off)

Spotify premium apk mod installation

Then As it is Third-party Application, Android asks you to give permissions to install the App. click on settings

Spotify premium download by unknown source

Installation step 3 (If 3rd Party Application permission is set as off)

Then Enable unknown resources and wait for the installation to complete.

Spotify premoum apk download allow unknown source

Installation Video Tutorial for Installation And Setup Of Spotify Premium Apk Mod

Getting bored in reading and the installation and setup process or still have any doubt, don’t worry we have brought up a video tutorial just watch it below and complete the installation and setup process of the Apk without any mistake.

Setup process for Spotify Premium Apk

Once you have successfully instaled the Spotify premium APK

  1. Open the Spotify application
  2. Then right swipe Signup or Login with Email or Facebook or Phone Number
  3. Select Date of Birth & Gender.
  4. Choose Your Preferred Languages.

Experience high quality audio Spotify Premium Apk

To Experience high quality audio with spotify premium

  • Launch the Spotify app.
  • Tap on Settings in the top right corner of the screen.
  • You can now turn off explicit music if you don’t want your child to listen to cuss words.
  • Show or hide songs that are not playable in your region.
  • Normalize audio will let you set a limit to the loudness of every track.
  • The autoplay feature will continuously stream your kind of music for you.
  • Select the language of music you prefer listening to.
  • In this music quality section, tap on streaming and set the quality to very high. This will consume a lot of data but deliver the tracks in the best quality.


Spotify Premium Apk computer laptop or Macbook?

Please note their is no stand alone Spotify Premium Apk for PC. but you can still install the Spotify Premium Apk Mod on your Windows and Mac PC. by simply following the below procedure

Here are Simple Steps to Download and Install Spotify Premium Mod Apk on PC for Windows and Mac.

  1. Download Emulator on your PC like bluestack.
  2. Install the Emulator, it will simulate an Android phone.
  3. Now get the Spotify Premium Apk Mod from the links above.
  4. Install Spotify Premium Apk on the Emulator
  5. Open the App make necessary settings if prompted on screen. Done!

Emulator helps to run android apps and games on the computer to enjoy it on your windows or IOS platforms

How can you download music from Spotify using Spotify Premium APK?

This is the biggest feature you will get in Spotify premium apk mod app which you will not even find in spotify premium paid version,

As we all know spotify do not allow you to transfer your downloaded music even in aid version but in spotify premium apk you can spotify download free music and even transfer the Mp3 to share them as per your wish

  • Download Spotify downloader apk from here
  • Install the app on your device.
  • Now copy the URL of any playlist from Spotify.
  • Switch to Spotify downloader apk, tap on the three vertical dots, and add playlist from URL.
  • Let the app fetch the playlist, and you can then select songs you want to save on your device

Latest offers on Spotify paid plans

Still if you want to buy a paid plan of spotify premium over mod spotify premium apk, Click the below image and just grab the best offer before it ends

Spotify premium plan latest scheme
Offer updated date 02-07-2020


Here we have share every detailed information on spotify free version, spotify premium subscription plans and even furthermore we have shared every detail about spotify premium apk mod app with the link and detail about the download, installation and setup process Which will help you to enrich musical journey, now leaving the final decision upto you whether Get the magical experice of music with spotify premium free music or not.

As per me Spotify is a defeat-less head in the music and podcast industry, with vast growth from its launch and is gaining the market space of music, but the free version is too much of limitations which obstructs us from enjoying the flawless music experience and the paid version is expensive which need not to be afforded as spotify premium apk mod download provided here gives you imminence rich experience of music and even more features then the paid version where you can even share the downloaded files so this would be undoubtedly the best option.

Isn’t it? What you think let us know in the comment section below and bookmark this page for getting updated about the latest version of spotify premium apk and download the latest version as soon as new version is released.

In Case of Error or Miss function

In case if you are facing compatibility issue or any error at any stage in using Spotify premium apk mod then try downloading some of the older versions available below the latest version with the same process as before, still if the same problem exist let us know and we will revert with the possible solution soon.

download old version of Spotify premium apk

Thank you for the visit

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What is Spotify premium apk?

Spotify premium apk is a modified version of the premium app which lets you enjoyu every premium feature for free without buying a premium plan.

How can I download Spotify premium apk 2020?

You can download the latest version of Spotify premium mod from our site. We have provided every detailed step with information to install it on android and windows devices.

Is it safe to use Spotify premium apk?

Yes it is Free from any kind of viruses and adware. and safe for indivudial use

Do I have to purchase a plan?

No, Just download Spotify premium apk moda app from here and get every feature of premium plan absolutely for free

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